CSE is proud to announce that we have recently been certified by Ariba as  Ariba Ready ™.  Qualifying CSE for this special status was its successful systems integration and $12 million plus in transaction history through Ariba. 

If your company is looking for an Ariba Ready ™ uniform or promotional supplier, CSE can offer this feature accompanied with its long-standing reputation for outstanding customer service.  At CSE we are always working to make our customers’ businesses run smoother, and with less cost and effort.  An important service for many of our customers has been our ability to transact business using the SAP Ariba Procurement system. 

SAP Ariba allows our customers to control their internal spend and approval for payment efficiently for hundreds of employees.  CSE’s integration between Ariba and its ERP system means that our customers’ approved purchase orders are processed electronically , ensuring speed and accuracy.  CSE’s Invoices are delivered to the customer electronically so the clients payment process remains automated and efficient.

For more details visit CSE’s official Supplier Profile page on Ariba.com.